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Breast Surgery

Type Of Breast Surgery-by Dr. Rizzo Senior Plastic Surgeon Honolulu Hawaii

Breasts Reconstructive Surgery

Breast Reduction
This procedure is preformed to reduce and lift an excessive large breast that cause discomfort for the patient. The reduction includes removal of extra skin breast tissue & fat. The expected results, smaller breast, better shaped, but carry scars around the areola, in the line under the breast and one joining the areola to the last one. There will be same changes within 6 month for adjustments of scar tissue.

Breast Reconstruction
Is mostly done for one side & to repair after mastectomy usually for breast cancer multiples methods are available depending of the defect. The size of the original breast & the contra lateral breast size as well. From the simplest method as tissue expanders under the muscle to most complicated reconstructing technique like microsurgery free flap or from abdomen abdominal flap transfer or a latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap.
All of this technical procedure will have advantage and disadvantage with different risk factors.

Regarding:Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentaion Surgery

Breast Augmentation has to be the most common surgery.  This will require the use of an implant either saline filled or gel filled silicone. The surgeon has to create a space for the implant & could be located in front of the muscle or behind the muscle a third and most desirable placement would be behind the pectoral fascia. This surgical space has to be large enough to accommodate the implant volume chosen in a tridimensional modality. The choice of location of the implant & the size of the implant will be the surgeon decision with patient collaboration. Different incision could be used but is the lesser importance.
Periareolar, Submammary or axillary.

Breast Lift or Masteopexy

Is the procedure in order to remove or re-shape the breast when is sagging (usually after pregnancies). This procedure also has different techniques and the choice of those, are the surgeon decision. Same techniques will work for small correction (like periareolar mastopexy), put when the sagging is severe, the skin reduction with inverted anchor incision is preferred. This will result in residual scars, important consideration for young patients, since the scars will be permanent and few times too large. Occasionally a breast augmentation is done to increase the volume as well. This can be done at the same time or at the different stage. But for safety, staging will decrease risk of complications.

Consistently staying abreast of advancements in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Rizzo has been a successful pioneer for his peers to follow. For example, his dedication to bringing his patients the very best in rhinoplasty led to the creation of the Rizzo Dorsal nose implant, which is used by plastic surgeons around the nation. His innovation and medical prowess is indicative of the superior quality and care that Dr. Rizzo bestows upon his patients.

The methods employed by Dr. Rizzo in his breast surgeries are safe, consistent, and yield the results that his patients desire. In Dr Rizzo's hands, patients enjoy surgical procedures that improve appearances and build better self images.

For many years, Dr. Rizzo has taught his surgical techniques for breast augmentation at the national meetings of the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS). Contact Dr. Rizzo's office today to learn how his breast surgery expertise can help you achieve the look of your dreams.

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